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Very buggy!

Useful, but very buggy. Loses connection frequently. Haven’t been able to log in to my server for weeks now and no reply from customer support at all !!

Useful, use it all the time

I find this to be a very useful app. I have number of remote Unix/Liunux machines I need to have access to, so I use Mountain Duck all the time. One caveat: Since I am often in the Terminal ssh’ed in to the server and using the mounted files at the same time, generating a new file on the remote server will sometimes require a manul refresh to see it in MD. Not a big deal in my opinion. MD, I think, has gotten better at picking up the file changes, so I find myself needing to do this less of late.

need constant refresh for sftp

I’m a big fan of cyberduck and I wanted to support the team by using mountain duck but it’s just not reliable enough for my use. I’m connecting to a server over sftp. Connection works fine. But the mount frequently becomes stale. New directories created on remote do not appear ever, unless I manually refresh the mountain duck mount. I’m gonna try other paid alternatives. Kinda bummed because I really do owe a lot to this team

Useful but buggy

Mountain Duck has become central to my workflow. I use it pretty much all the time. That being said, every now and then I drop connection while transferring a batch of files, and in the process of attempting to reconnect, I get a kernel panick and my machine shuts off! This is dangerous as I am working with sensitive files, and unexpectedly losing work like this can be detrimental.

Exactly what I was looking for

This is a great application. However. I work almost exclusively with google cloud and azure. When I try to upload a sparse bundle to either it hangs in the last few seconds and never stops. Please fix.

Most disappointed App Store purchase yet.

I love the idea of this app but it has left me very disappointed. It will mount my Onedrive storage where I can navigate the file structure but I have not successfully managed to upload or download any file successfully. The process aborts and I get an error message. Disappointed.

It feels native, it works and it’s reassuringly slow!

It feels native to finder - don't forget to turn on finder integration! I’ve tried a lot of similar tools, this is a tougher problem than it looks which is probably why it’s not a native feature of finder. I guess having the core be Cyberduck - old, robust, been around for forever - is probably the basis for its reliability. It’s also, nice that it’s so slow - WAIT, dont hang up, let me explain! I’ve tested a lot of tools that accelerate or locally sync remote files to speed things up - this is great for occasional use but, if you’re tweaking, checking, tweaking, checking or if you’re one to drag/drop a folder full of a hundred small files and the tools comes back with ‘I’m done!’ in ten seconds, you just know that it hasn’t! In the background, it’s slowly trying to make-good on its promise but one day, soon, it will trip up. Maybe it’ll suffer a comms error or someone else will update the file whilst you’re editing it, maybe you’ll close the lid of your laptop and forget? One day, your work _will_ get mangled. I’d rather, for the important stuff, have it say copying, copying, copying because, when it’s done or if there’s a problem, I’ll know where I stand and I won’t be calling the boss to tell him to check out the latest updates… that are still happening somewhere in the processes of my Mac. It could use some more features - remote delete would be nice for example but honestly, long may it remain slow - truth is better than beauty!

Good app in general, but doesn’t support ProxyCommand SSH config

The marketed features for this application say that it supports OpenSSH config files. I took that to mean it would support all of my setup in my .ssh/config, such as ProxyCommand. Many of my connections require intermediate SSH connections through SSH bastion hosts, and the ProxyCommand is great for this purpose when using SSH. The bad part is that Mountain Duck does not support all configuration options in your SSH config file, and it does not seem to be working with my SSH hosts defined with ProxyCommand to go through intermediate SSH hosts. My config works perfectly for just standard SSH access. I wish the marketed features had been a bit more clear with regards to what SSH config options are actually supported. The web page says "Read settings from your existing OpenSSH configuration."

Crashed my mac almost immediately.

Running macOS Sierra (10.12.6) it crashes my mac when trying to access an S3 bucket. I really wanted this to work.

Very buggy, hope it gets fixed soon.

Just the tool I wanted, but frequently times out. It keeps asking me for access to my keychain when I’m not even comfortable about giving it the password to my accounts in the first place, never mind access to various financial account information. After a few times denying that, it goes to my google sign in page, where I have to copy and paste a number to get it to work. This lasts a minute or two, doing a few very slow transfers, and then times out again and I have to go through the whole process again. Google remembers what apps are connected to my account on other apps, why do I have to repeatedly log in on this one? I hope these issues are resolved soon, but I saw the same complaints about previous versions.

Great idea - very buggy implementation

I started out really liking this app. It was working pretty well. Then it started doing things like losing connection, and locking up (defined as not working and not being able to remove from the menu bar by using the Quit Mountain Duck option). Very unreliable. A real disappointment. Particularly for $39.99. I know it takes a lot of work to develop software and for that reason I have no problem paying $40 or more for a utility app. But I sure wish it worked better.

Quite Buggy & Constantly Loses Connection

Been using this application daily now for several weeks. The concept of the application is great and most of the time the application works ok. However, very often the application will not let you save files to the selected location or interrupts the save halfway through especially when connected to dropbox. When this happens it freezes up the program you are using to try to save the file and sometimes the whole computer. Some of the freezes have been so bad and so long I have had to do hard restarts of my computer. It also drops the connection quite a bit when just sitting idle, making you disconnect and reconnect the drive to get it working. Needs to be definitely more functional for a $40 price tag. I use Cyber Duck and it’s 100x better than this software. Would like to say I want my money back but consider it a donation to your work on Cyberduck and to hopefully improve this software to make it more usable in the near future.

Better than Transmit

This is a great product that I use at work every day! Would it be possible to disable spotlight indexing on a mounted disk? I’m not sure if this is actually happening but the first few times I mounted my server my computer slowed down a lot and the Finder application was using a ton of resources. Don’t see that problem anymore though 👍

Productivity tool !!

I never give a review, good or bad, this time I have to. This is the best software I purchased in a long time. No more juggling with FTP clients, SFTP, S3 … MountainDuck will just create a mounted drive on your Finder. I have all S3, FTP’s and various SFTP in one place including Google Drive AND Dropbox. The software works as advertised, and for people manipulating a lot of files accross various infrastructures: this is the tool you always hoped existed.

Throws errors when connecting or switching folders in Dropbox

Cyberduck works great, but Mountain Duck still seems to be having problems with Dropbox. It throws 2 erros. The first is that it failed to upload, the second is complaining about INDIVIDUAL and TEAM tags (I’m using dropbox for teams). I’m looking forward to this being a bit more stable. Love the idea of Mountain Duck (and really love Cyberduck).

A coupe of steps backwards from Cyberduck

Cyberduck integrated with the Finder in a way that Mountain Duck does not, as a protocol handler for “sftp” and “ssh” links (under “Go” -> “Connect to Server”). Without this integration, this is a waste of money. There are excellent SSH/SFTP file browsers out there that cost far less.

Poor Connection Maintenance

Loved the idea of having a single app curely management my SFTP connections and the flexibility to use any editor to write code with. However this worked out disastrously… the connection would lag, editor from atom to brackets to bbedit would hang while mountain duck either did or, more often, did not reconnect. I need something that keeps the SFTP connection alive in the background. I dont have time to wait for it figure things out and in the mean time, lose time and sometimes code - out of my own frustration, killing apps to re-ignite the the connection, but then losing precious code and time.



Great application

I do a lot of work over ssh, sftp, and Amazon S3 and this app is a great time saver. I had to disable creation of .DS_Store files for network folders by tweaking a few os settings, but now i finally have full integration of sftp into Finder. This is amazing. If the developer could create some kind of shortcut to refresh the contents of the folder it would be great (i’m sure it was not done due to Finder limitations).

Very functional and seamless integration

Anything beyond NFS, AFP and SMB file systems Finder does not support except basic FTP. I detest having to open another app for SFTP, Sharepoint and other WevDav filesystems. It means deailing with another interface and just is not efficient. Enter this app. It mounts file shares like SFTP, Sharepoint and even my Amazon cloud storage share just like mapping a network drive. Best of all I can use Finder to naviagate through the file structures. It comes from a very trusted developer who’s provided us the CyberDuck app for years. The price seems a little steep but having the convience of this integrated in Finder is well worth it AND worth the time to write this review too.

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